NJ Town gives cars buried in snow parking tickets

December 30, 2010 2:24:08 PM PST
Cars are still buried under snow in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, but that's not why residents are upset.

Dozens of people who live in and around an apartment complex on Boulivard who came out Tuesday to find $50 tickets on their cars still smothered by more than two feet of snow/

"It's ridiculous, It was a blizzard. Where do they want people to put the snow," said Ula Austin.

Ibette Zimmer went there Tuesday morning to dig her mother's car out.

"She's 75 and her husband just got out of the hospital... Triple bypass surgery, so I went over there since her car is in the lot," said Zimmer, who found a ticket on the car.

So she tracked down the ticket agent, who she says was literally running from car to car.

When she caught up to him and asked why the ticket with all the snow.

"He said 'You had all day yesterday' and then went on his merry way," adds Zimmer.

In the area they have alternate side of the street parking, so on Monday people on that side of the street were fine. On Tuesday everyone on one side got hit with a ticket.

Don Ingrasselino is the towns' police chief. He says this was not malicious, it's the law.

"It was ample time. Enough time to move their cars. This was a matter of public safety," he said.

He says the department didn't ticket for 24 hours after the storm ended, and by then the streets needed to be clear so emergency vehicles could pass.

In total, police wrote more than 200 tickets from Sunday night to Tuesday night.