Snow clean-up causing some delivery problems

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January 5, 2011 9:18:33 AM PST
A massive snow melting operation is causing a major headache for business owners and deliveries.

Massive mounds of snow and round the clock clean up right in the middle of Vandervoorst Avenue has brought this industrial business center to a halt.

As factory where they produce re-enforced steel for construction has received few deliveries because the Department of Sanitation has taken over the block.

An environmental clean up company can't get its trucks on the road because of all the congestion caused by the road closure.

Vandervoorst Avenue has been a center of snow clean up activity for over a week.

The street is normally a major truck route but now the massive tractor trailers have been diverted to smaller streets.

As efforts to remove the snow push forward, more videos shot during the storm are being posted on YouTube with claims of snow plows sitting idle will the snow piled up in Brooklyn.

The videos are getting the attention of federal investigators and the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office, which says workers could face criminal charges if they neglected to plow a street where a death or injury occurred.

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