Family says removed snow was blown into home

December 29, 2010 2:38:26 PM PST
We've focused a lot on the lack of snow removal this week.

In one area snow that was removed and then violently relocated inside a family's home in Brooklyn.

It happened when crews were clearing a subway and their equipment literally was blowing snow through the windows of a house in the Midwood section.

"I heard the kitchen window explode, and I saw all the snow come rushing through. Then a milisecond after, I saw the living room window explode and snow come rushing through," said John Corbin.

Snow and glass went flying through the East 16th street apartment window of Karen Espostio and John Corbin at 3:30-AM Tuesday.

In the early dawn hours, there was panic, confusion.

"I go running in, I see my blinds in the hallway. Snow everywhere, glass everywhere," said Esposito.

Then it dawned on them.

"This train, something happened with it," said Corbin.

The B and Q line--H Avenue station, which runs just a few feet behind their Midwood, Brooklyn apartment. They believe the MTA snow removal equipment blew out their bedroom, kitchen and living room windows and scattered Windows were also blown out of a second floor apartment and the lobby.

After spending 8 hours cleaning their apartment, a night in the cold, and two days calling the MTA to try to file a claim, the agency told Eyewitness News, it will have to investigate if their crews caused the damage, and if they did, would pay for it through the claims process.

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