Residents: MTA snow blowers damaged homes

December 31, 2010 3:49:13 AM PST
The folks who live along the MTA's Brighton Line say the train's snow blower damage is bad enough, but that they were lucky it didn't happen when they were in the room when the snow and glass started flying.

While you were sleeping, MTA snow blowers were inadvertently blowing out homeowners windows.

Noam Benamy, 20, photographed MTA snow blowers early Tuesday morning as they pounded his parents' home in Brooklyn's Ditmas Park.

The flying snow hit with great force.

"Sweet holy moley, there's snow all...snow is everywhere. Snow is all over the place, things broken everywhere," Benamy said.

A block down the tracks, there's another home with another blown out window.

Glass shards flew 30 feet down the hall and barely missed Pat Vitacco's son's room.

"If the window had been broken in my son's bedroom, it could have killed him," Vitacco said.

Benamy recorded the damage and the second blast of snow across the MTA tracks.

A third home two blocks away lost its windows too.

Noam's mother is not happy with MTA's early morning wake up call.

"Snow was in our house, crazy, shoveling out snow mixed with glass flown across the room," said Maidelle Goodman Benamy.

The MTA says it has mailed claim forms, and they're investigating the snow blower damage, but the families say MTA hasn't sent anyone letters and that the railroad damaged other properties in the past without offering to pay or fix them.

"We'll mail you claim form, best tell you, I don't have confidence they'll do anything," Benamy said.

But this time Noam has evidence, a lot of broken glass and what looks like several thousand dollars in repair bills.

Another neighbor says he's been fighting MTA for a year to pay for damage he claims the railroad caused to his home.

He's hoping he and his neighbors get satisfaction from the high powered snow blower damage this time.

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