Church cancels service due to unplowed snow

December 31, 2010 8:18:38 PM PST
Unplowed streets forced a Queens church to cancel its New Year's Eve service.

Sanitation crews out on the holiday cleared mounds of snow that other crews piled and blocked their church sidewalk.

Reverend Marvin Griffin helped neighbors climb out his church sidewalk.

Another unplowed street made it impossible for parishioners to park or even get his Grace Lutheran Church New Year's Eve.

"Two days ago that plow came through, but the plow was up so our members can't park and we have to cancel a special service like New Year's Eve," said Rev. Marvin Griffin, Sr., of Grace Lutheran Church.

Just down the road the Chapel of the Redeemer staff had shoveled their sidewalk only to watch sanitation crews rebury it and make it impassible.

Those crews were back out on New Year's Eve, promising the pastor that they would fix things.

"We plow a path, law requires they put three lanes of Union Turnpike on our property, it's the worst in 25 years, it happens every year," said Howard Bonsaign, of the Chapel of the Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Even though sanitation came to move some of the snow it is still blocking the sidewalk.

Back at the snowbound Grace Lutheran, they're hoping some parking spaces are either plowed or miraculously melt by Sunday services a week after the storm.

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