Wall schools remained closed due to blizzard

January 3, 2011 2:27:43 PM PST
The holiday vacation is lasting even longer for some students, thanks to the blizzard.

Damage to a school roof caused classes in Wall Township, New Jersey to be canceled.

Slick sidewalks and streets created even more problems.

Wall School District needed a little help from Wall Township plows to push snow, and open up much needed parking spaces at the high school for when school opens Tuesday.

The same clean-up is going on at other district schools.

The blizzard though, was hardest on the high school, where part of the roof suffered damage under the weight of the snow.

Repairs have been going on all week.

The district says it also needed to make sure the utility services at the high school: gas, electric, and fire, are operating they way they should.

All of that meant an extra day off for students.

Closing for Monday, the district says, was not an easy decision, but was, "In the best interest of our students as their safety is our highest priority".

Workers busied themselves getting the schools in order for the return of the district's 4,000 plus kids.

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