Jersey City works to fix plows damaged in blizzard

January 4, 2011 2:40:28 PM PST
It's not just New York City that's dealing with the aftermath of the holiday blizzard.

In Jersey City, the race is on to fix almost two dozen snow plows that broke down during the storm, before the next snow falls.

Mechanics in the garage where all sanitation trucks and snow fighting equipment is brought treat the incoming trucks as though it was a triage station in a war zone. The trucks the victims of a holiday blizzard that took out almost a quarter of the dept's snow fighting force.

It's been hectic, real hectic. We actually need new equipment," said Earl Cunningham.

Officials say 18 out of the fleets 67 snow plows and salters were knocked out of action. The aging fleet is weary from many storms including last year's monster that dumped 27 inches on Jersey City. But last weekend's blizzard that blasted the tri-state region with 50 mile an hour gusts was the last straw for transmissions and plows on some of the trucks.

As mechanics caniblize parts from broken down vehicles to fix others, the head of the dept is hoping FEMA will come through with needed funds to help the cash strapped city survive another storm. He is hoping for at least $600,000.

Meanwhile, the prospect of another storm does not sit well with the mechanics

Despite the challenge, mechanics believe they will have 95 percent of the trucks up and ready for this weekend should mother nature deliver another blow to the city.

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