Kids caught carving their names in cement

January 5, 2011 2:27:29 PM PST
Anger is set in stone for a father in New Jersey..

It's because of a punishment given to his daughter, and several other students, for writing their initials in wet cement.

Officials say they damaged property at the Von E. Mauger middle school in Middlesex and have to pay.

Kelly Zierdt is an 11-year-old honor roll student and cheerleader at her middle school.

She admits to carving her initials into wet cement out in front of her school back in October with five other students all who were 11 and 12 years old.

Some wrote their full name others wrote big letters.

"They were caught walking away from the scene and were taken to the police department where their parents were called", says Lt. Michael Colacci.

Lt. Colacci of the Middlesex borough police department says five of the students and their parents immediately agreed to sign what's called a station house adjustment.

The adjustment requires a $250 fine per child because the school district paid $1,500 to replace the 7 slabs of cement. Also part of the agreement is a 5pm curfew for 3 months and an essay on what they did wrong and what they learned from it.

The agreement is designed to keep kids who don't commit serious crimes out of court. But, Kelly's dad doesn't believe it costs $1,500 to fix the damage, and wants to see a bill.

Kelly says she learned her lesson and will never do anything like this again. But because she and her father didn't sign the agreement, she will now have to face a judge.

And she will face that judge at a hearing in family court on Monday.

Police say if the judge finds her guilty, she could wind up paying the fine and court costs.

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