Supermarkets get failing grade in NYC

January 6, 2011 4:52:01 AM PST
Beefed up inspections at grocery stores in New York City have found hundreds of violations.

Authorities found everything from no prices on products to improperly labeled food and taxing items that shouldn't be.

"Super markets have still not gotten the message." That declaration was made today from New York City's Commissioner of Consumer Affairs.

Four months ago, he promised to double the number of supermarket inspections in an effort to push the stores into complying with certain guidelines like item pricing, proper taxation and scanner accuracy.

But this time around his office found 67 percent of the supermarkets inspected were out of compliance compared to 52 percent last August.

"I wish that this was just the story of one bad supermarket that would make my job simpler, in truth, the story is much worse. This is about the supermarket industry city wide," said Commissioner Jonathan Mintz.

The Consumer Affairs Commissioner says he's not sure if the problem at supermarkets is simply sloppiness or a willful disregard for the consumer.

Consumers suggested it might be a bit of both. Several told Eyewitness News they'd encountered the same problems as the inspectors, especially being over charged at check-out.

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