Dozens of animals, some dead, found in LI home

January 15, 2011 2:03:02 PM PST
Authorities entered a home on Long Island and found nearly two dozen dogs and cats.

Some of the animals had already died.

"A backhoe was required to get into the home itself. And that back hoe was required to sort of knock through the door," said Kate Murray, Hempstead Township Supervisor.

Inside, there were layers of grime, filth and junk that blocked the door.

On Wednesday, Rockville Centre police responded to a well being check by an employer concerned their employee had missed two days of work, and found a mentally disoriented 62-year-old woman and 22 pets. But four dogs and a cat were dead.

Some of the dogs were so neglected. Hempstead Animal Control Officers removed 10 pounds of matted hair when they cleaned them up.

One cocker spaniel only has three legs, and another is pregnant.

And it's believed a golden retriever has never been outside. He's paralyzed and fear and doesn't respond to commands.

"They were throughly cleaned and groomed and given the medical attention that they needed," adds Murray.

Some neighbors say they complained of barking dogs and the smell of urine and feces for years.

The 62 year old hoarder is under mental evaluation at the Mercy Medical Central.

She has ten days to challenge the animal seizure, before the town can legally find the dogs a permanent, stable home.

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