Young boy wanders out of school

January 13, 2011 3:26:54 PM PST
Some tough and disturbing questions for an elementary school in New Jersey.

One of its students, a 5 year old boy, was found wandering the streets and about to walk into a busy intersection.

Avenel Volunteer firefighters Bill Karlbon and Steve Terebetski, were surprised Tuesday morning to look out the station house window at Avenel and Routes 1 and 9 to see, "A little guy walking from the right, up to the highway. I said, okay, where's mom, where's dad? There's nobody," said Karlbon.

Turns out, the 5-year-old is a student at Avenel Street School 4 and 5, a good 8 blocks down the road.

It's an older school where, Woodbridge police say, the coat closets are in the hallway and that he left his class to get his coat because he was cold. Instead of returning to class, he decided to walk home.

"This highway is dangerous. There have been people hit, people killed out there, and I couldn't think of what would have happened if he would have gone on that highway," adds Terebetski.

The child made it to the intersection of busy routes 1 and 9 and he even pressed the button to cross, but by that time, firefighter Steve was right there just a few feet away from him.

"He knew he shouldn't go with strangers, but I had no choice, I put my hand on his shoulder, kinda coaxed him along," adds Terebetski.

Police say the school noticed the child was missing less than 20 minutes after he left, and called 911. They are strongly suggesting the school install alarms on the doors, or post someone in the hall at all times.

Bill and Steve, who are both grandfathers, kept the child busy touring the fire trucks until police arrived and re-united him with his mother.

Police say their investigation is over, but say DYFS is talking to the family and the school about the incident.

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