Spring Valley family's home mistakenly raided

January 14, 2011 3:43:39 AM PST
Federal agents mistakenly raided a home in Spring Valley in the early morning hours, terrifying the family living there.

"They pulled frickin' guns on my family," the victim said.

The man chose to keep his identity private.

"As soon as I opened up my door, they grabbed me by the back of my neck, pushed me up against the railing, ran upstairs, assaulted my wife, pinned her up against the door," the victim said.

Tears welled up in the man's eyes as he tried to explain what he says happened to his family, including his 13-year-old daughter, during a DEA operation that he says mistakenly ended up in his home.

"Yeah, my daughter was in bed," he said. "They went in her room with guns. I was afraid they were going to shoot my daughter and kill her. They came barging into my house."

A neighbor confirms his account of what happened, and a DEA spokesman acknowledged that at 5 a.m., agents were knocking on doors and "searching for a suspect in a drug trafficking investigation."

The DEA officials say they "had an arrest warrant" for a suspect they believed lived in the man's home. But they would not say what information led them to that conclusion.

They did, however, acknowledge that they knew the suspect lived on that street, they just weren't sure which house.

"My dog sleeps up in the bedroom with us, and they told my wife if she doesn't shut the dog up, he's going to shoot the [expletive] dog in the head," the victim said.

Eventually, the members of the task force left the home and went just a few doors down, where they made the arrest.

Meanwhile, the Spring Valley father says he took his daughter to Nyack Hospital.

He says as a result of what happened, she had an asthma attack and fainted.

"She's traumatized," he said. "She's lying in the back seat of the car with a blanket over her head."

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