Enjoy the great outdoors inside!

January 17, 2011 3:04:10 PM PST
Despite the freezing temperatures, you can still enjoy the great outdoors, inside.

"We have a lot of little kids asking where the birds are," said Robin Halter of "Openhouse Gallery".

It is a logical question, once 3-year-old Truett and his brother Finley are wondering about, you do hear them.

But you won't find any birds here where things, well are a little out of sync.

"They don't understand it yet, you know, the idea of grass and trees inside in the dead of winter," said Kathleen Keene, a parent.

It's where butterflies rest in trees and there's a cozy corner where you can kick up you heels.

It's all in a 4,500 square foot space on Mulberry Street that challenges you to stretch your mind, and at times your body.

They come in and sit for hours or read newspapers, they'll lay and look at the ceiling, we've had couples canoodling and making out, they really treat it like a park," Halter said.

An indoor park is the prefect escape as we all try and get through this frigid winter.

Here there is literally light at the end of the tunnel, strategically placed lamps to boost your mood.

"It's a scheduled amount of time that you are supposed to stand in them and it combats the feeling of depression," Halter said.

The pop up park inside open house gallery is a partnership with the New York City based set design company "American Foliage".

From the faux grass to the buds on the bushes that could easily pass for the real thing, the goal is to recreate summer in the middle of winter, complete with food carts, which are a must in this green space.

Besides daily yoga, you can also take a chocolate and wine tasting class, or try your hand at flower arranging.

It's a place for kids to burn off that extra energy and where adults, can well also play around.

As for one pair, they've settled in quite nicely but one still doesn't quite make sense.

"There's a little pond over there, the boys were looking for fish in it, that would be a suggestion if they wanted to elevate the concept, maybe add some floating fish," Keene said.

For more information visit: http://www.openhousegallery.org/

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