Snow, ice and rain equal big mess on city streets

January 18, 2011 9:34:35 AM PST
New York City streets and sidewalks were a slushy mess Tuesday morning, with pedestrians forced to cross large watery accumulations at street corners, and icy stretches of sidewalks were like Slip n' Slides.

The telltale "crunch" of snow crusted over by the cold became dangerously coated with a layer of slick ice.

"It's like ice skating down a hill. All the hills in Riverdale - it's all icy, all wet, all snowy, but I made it," Adele Vera-Angel said.

She made it, but others had a difficult time navigating the sidewalks in this section of the Bronx.

"Slow and slippery. I just tried to keep my balance," Nathaniel Robinson said. "I was walking so gingerly - like walking on eggs. Nice and easy."

If walking was your plan today, you needed sturdy boots with ample treads and a healthy regard for Mother Nature.

"It's icy, slippery, and slushy," Willie Goodley said.

And watch where you stand. Cars passing by intersections threw up gobs of slush onto anyone standing too close to the street.

Rail service was also affected due to ice. Metro-North Railroad, which serves commuters from Connecticut into New York City, reported up to 40-minute delays on some lines. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, which serves the Philadelphia area, reported delays on its commuter rail service and bus detours.

The storm is just the latest in a series to impact New York City. After a Christmas weekend blizzard dumped 20 inches of snow on New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was criticized for the slow cleanup. Up to 12 inches of snow blanketed the area again last week, but the city was prepared and the streets were quickly plowed.

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