What's going around: bad cold that won't go away

January 17, 2011 9:00:00 PM PST
We checked in with a Toledo doctor and found there's one bug he's seeing more than anything right now. That one bug is your standard upper respiratory virus, or what many would call just a really bad cold. What makes it unusual is how long this thing lasts.

Dr. Todd Francis calls it the gift that keeps on giving. It's an upper respiratory infection that people just can't shake.

He says the complications seem to be in adults more so than children. "It starts as an upper respiratory with post-nasal drip, just an irritating tickly cough. Sometimes people are getting a little more sinus involvement, particularly if they're susceptible to that."

Then he says it works its way into the throat, causing a sore throat, ears that aren't popping well. From there, this nasty virus works its way into the upper chest.

Some people describe a tight feeling in the chest. That can wind up to be bronchitis.

They're even seeing more pneumonias as a result of this virus. "We're seeing a lot of people where it's dragging out 3, 4 weeks even, and requires at least more than one treatment at times. But on average, probably 2 to 3 weeks."

The doctor says often it's the cough keeping them awake at night that brings people in. "Some people are saying, 'Doc, I wouldn't have come in but, its still going on' and that's probably the most common thing. They're just not overwhelmingly sick, but they're just irritated by it."

Though this is a flu-like illness, Dr. Francis says he's still not seeing any influenza in the office.

He is seeing a stomach bug that lasts about a day or two and brings nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

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