H.E.A.F. program helps students stay healthy

January 19, 2011 2:35:49 PM PST
The School of Pharmacy at Touro College is participating in a program called the Harlem Educational Activities Fund to help educate students on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Obesity and diabetes are two major health concerns that have plagued many communities. The School of Pharmacy at Touro College has partnered with the after school program called the Harlem Educational Activities Fund, also known as H.E.A.F., to educate kids about obesity and diabetes in hopes of decreasing their prevalence.

The program has become popular among students as well as a computer program called, "The Diabetic Dog". Student, Angelica Morris says, "It basically talks about blood sugar, so when it's low, you have to give it the insulin and things like that." The interactive program makes it easier for students to become aware of the necessary daily steps that need to be taken to remain healthy. Another student, Naeema Stennett says, "I've learned to eat more vegetables, more yogurts, and incorporate water in my diet."

Since obesity and diabetes are a growing problem, those behind the program hope that students will take what they have learned far beyond the classroom. Danielle Moss-Lee, the H.E.A.F. executive director says, "I think they have really worked hard to bring healthy habits into the consciousness of their peers and also their parents." The students that participate in the program already have high graduation rates and will now have the knowledge and motivation to live healthy lifestyles as well.