Get a new wardrobe on 'National Swap Day'

January 20, 2011 3:01:33 PM PST
"National Swap Day" encourages people who are tired with their clothes to swap them with someone else.

New Yorkers throw out 386 million pounds of textiles every year, that's 6% of the waste stream, so imagine if instead of throwing out clothes and buying new ones, you traded instead.

A group of women came together to grab, gab and swap clothes.

They say they walk away feeling like they have a new wardrobe.

This swap is organized by two women who call themselves NYC Swappers.

They held the event at a bar in west SoHo.

"It's a nice social setting without spending a lot of money," said Miyoshi Osori of NYC Swappers.

Saving money is a big factor, but swapping is also eco friendly.

"My experience is the people who come to these don't want to destash as it's called," said Diana Gonzalez of NYC Swappers.

Swaps are a growing trend.

There's a website called that helps facilitate swaps.

This Saturday is "National Swap Day", so that means swaps will be happening around the country.

One swap is happening in Inwood and is called the "Stop and Swap".

It's organized by Grow NYC, a non-profit that promotes recycling in New York City.

You don't have to bring something to take something.

"If you want to come with a tote bag and fill it up you're welcome to do that," said Christina Salvi of Grow NYC.

The goal is to cut down on what's being thrown out, and swaps, no matter what size, are believed to be making a difference.

There are many groups that hold clothing swaps often on a month basis, and Grow NYC is hosting a swap in each borough during the next month.

The one in Inwood is this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

You can bring clothes or anything that's clean, that works and that's portable.

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