Pizzeria robber gets away with just $3

January 24, 2011 3:20:56 PM PST
A man looking for cash broke into a pizza restaurant and it was all caught on camera.

While he was looking for a lot of dough, what he found inside was a real surprise.

The surveillance video shows a burglary in progress.

The suspect could be seen kicking and plunging through a glass door.

The owner of Gio's Pizzeria, Kyle Markott says he was ready this time because his place had been robbed before.

"The first time he got $200 dollars, and lifted out the entire box," Markott said.

Once the burglar gets behind the counter he realizes the drawers are open but the cash boxes are almost empty.

"One of the officers said to put the cash boxes out, do it, it seemed like a good idea at the time," Markott said.

Instead the suspect did a quick double take and grabbed the boxes.

He got away with such a small amount of dough it was hardly worth the trouble.

"If he gets caught, going to jail won't be worth it," Markott said.

Markott still has to shell out $500, which is the cost of repairing the glass door.

He's thinking about posting a sign in the window for the next time.

The store has no money; the business has no money, because we keep getting robbed!

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