Healthy dining in New York City

January 31, 2011 2:56:19 PM PST
New York has thousands of restaurants, but the ones featured in Jared Koch's book "Clean Plates" just may be the healthiest and tastiest of restaurants to eat in.

"I think most people think of eating out as an unhealthy indulgence, but it really doesn't have to be," said Koch, a nutritional consultant.

That's where his book "Clean Plates" comes in.

Koch wants people to be able to enjoy, pizza and even pasta.

"Many people shy away from eating out because they're worried they'll eat foods that aren't healthy," said Koch.

Koch and his team researched 400 restaurants and ate at 175 of them. The restaurants range from fast food to elegant.

One of his favorite picks is Emporio in Nolita.

All of their meats come from local farms and Chef Ricardo Buitoni offers gluten free options including pastas and pizza.

"A little extra effort results in customer satisfaction. It's nice for certain people and for us that's really important," says Buitoni.

"Don't be afraid to eat out it's one of the best things about New York City," said Koch.

While you can usually find vegetables options at just about every restaurant, Koch features restaurants that use organic ingredients.

When it comes to meats, he recommends farm raised, hormone and antibiotic free ones.

Restaurants that offer biodynamic wines and gluten free beers are also recognized.

New York City has so many dining options but "Clean Plates" can make that a healthier and easier decision.