Queens dad arrested during double parking dispute

January 31, 2011 2:52:06 PM PST
When parents have to drop off or pick up their kids at PS 122 it's a real challenge.

Toss in all the snow and it can cause some to lose their temper, and in the case of one parent, a violent confrontation with police.

Everyday Ronald Grosso drops off and then picks up his two children from PS 122 in Astoria.

He often has to double park on the street because there is no safe place to leave his car.

Last Tuesday, with all the snow, the problem got so bad it led to a confrontation with police captured on cell phone camera.

Police say officers were responding to complaints of blocked streets and issuing summons for double parking.

Police say Grosso ripped up his ticket and became belligerent and abusive to the officers.

Police say he resisted arrest and during the scuffle two officers were injured.

On him, police say they found a small folding knife.

Grosso says he is the victim of over zealous police.

"He wrote me a ticket. I ripped it up. He jumped me and maced me and called for back up," Ronald Grosso said.

What no one questions, is the snow covered streets are testing everyone's tempers.

"It's a mess, it's a horrible mess, you see parents and children trying to climb over mountains of snow and we are expecting another snowstorm," said Zoe Smaragdas, a parent.

The snow is making travel around schools especially dangerous.

Dropping of children now is an added concern for parents.

"It's very hard, you are constantly worried about police, but on the other hand, you want to be on time, cross the street with the children," said another parent.

Parents say the school sent them letters asking that parents not double park there.

It makes for a dangerous situation.

Meanwhile, everyone is praying for winter to end soon.