NYC freezing rain poses dangerous conditions

February 2, 2011 2:24:09 PM PST
Public schools in New York City were open Wednesday, despite dangerous conditions due to a buildup of ice.

In Central Park, pathways were like an ice-skating rink. And commuters from north of the city getting off buses along Fifth Avenue had to carefully maneuver sidewalks covered in sleet.

Motorists, meanwhile, had to deal with a slushy mess.

New Yorkers brought their "a" game, as people all over the city were navigating the slush and ice.

Crews all over Manhattan seemed to be doing everything they could to make our lives a little easier and that's why some were able to choose fashion over function.

Amtrak's Northeast Corridor service between New York and Philadelphia was temporarily suspended due to power problems along the line, but it has since been restored. Some flight disruptions are reported at area airports. Travelers are advised to check with their airline before heading to the airport.

The LIRR was operating on a weekend schedule.

Travel conditions were extremely dangerous, with any untreated roadways becoming a sheet of ice. Ice accumulations knocked down some tree limbs and power lines, but power outages were very minor.

Even though the ice warning was lifted, the dangerous conditions are expected to continue through the Wednesday evening rush.

Officials strongly recommend that people use mass transit and avoid driving if possible.

Information about any service changes to public transportation is available on the MTA website at

For real-time updates on hazardous conditions in New York City, sign up for Notify NYC at

For Motorists:
- If you must drive a vehicle, monitor weather and traffic reports for the latest road conditions.
- Use major streets or highways for travel whenever possible as these roadways will be cleared first.
- Drive slowly. Vehicles, including those with 4-wheel drive, take longer to stop on snow and ice than on dry pavement.
- Keep the name and phone number of at least one local towing service in your car in case you break down or become stuck in the snow.
- If you get stuck on the road stay with your car and contact a towing company.

For Pedestrians
- Exercise caution and avoid slippery surfaces.
- Wear layers including a hat, gloves and scarf to stay protected from the cold. And, keep clothes and shoes dry.
- Have heightened awareness of cars, particularly when approaching or crossing intersections.

Fire Hydrants:
- Snow covered fire hydrants are a potentially dangerous condition that may impede fire fighting operations. Property owners are urged to clear snow from fire hydrants in front of or adjacent to their property.

Snow and Ice Removal:
- All builders, contractors, and property owners are reminded to take preventative action to safely remove ice and snow from flat top roofs, overhangs, and awnings and secure their construction sites and buildings in preparation for the coming storm.

Suspension of Alternate Side Parking Regulations:
-The New York City Department of Transportation, in conjunction with the Department of Sanitation, has suspended Alternate Side Parking Regulations citywide until further notice to facilitate snow removal.
- Payment at parking meters IS in effect.