Homeowners warned of roof collapses with snow

February 2, 2011 3:19:18 PM PST
Roof collapses are a real concern with all of the snow and ice.

Snow on roofs is now frozen and packed even more.

It's been a worrisome day for homeowners, but a field day for roof repairmen.

In fact, at least one landscaper on Long Island, sensing a new business opportunity, is now going into roof repairs.

The damage of ice and snow is evident.

Icicles are visible on the exterior of the home on Pilgrim Drive in Port Jefferson.

Workers tried to alleviate the problem stemming from the buildup of ice and snow on the roof.

Company owner Jeff Brett says this is the kind of scenario that leads to a collapse.

The weight of the heavy snow and ice is creating problems across the region, from homes to businesses.

A gas station in Westbury was forced to shut down Wednesday after a canopy came down.

Brett warned homeowners to remain vigilant.

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