Exotic animals stolen from Mastic pet store

February 8, 2011 3:26:48 PM PST
Several exotic animals were stolen from a pet store on Long Island.

A three and half foot alligator was stolen from its tank.

The owner, Alex Fabiano, says he raised the gator, and now it and other exotic pets are in the hands of a thief.

Police say someone busted down the back door of "The Animal Hut" in Mastic, and got away with several reptiles including Alley the alligator, a five-foot long Argentine Red Tegu, and three albino boa constrictors.

All retail for hundreds of dollars, but could be sold on the street for a fraction of their value.

Whoever committed this crime had to stick their hand into a tank with a live alligator.

"That's crazy, they feed on mice, imagine what they'd do to your hand," said one customer.

Long time patrons showed up at the store to see the empty tanks and offer their support to Fabiano.

Police have a few leads and are searching for the thief.

Fabiano says he just wants them back, no questions asked.

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