Mother says purchased Dora DVD contained Porn instead

February 8, 2011 4:19:13 PM PST
Two children in Queens got quite a surprise when they sat down to watch a Nickelodeon video.

Instead of Dora the Explorer and Diego, they saw naked people.

That's because the DVD contained porn.

"My son...anything he sees Dora, anything he sees Diego. He wants it," said Candice Connor.

After popping in the DVD, Connor saw it was not Dora, but Bubble Butt Bonanza Volume 17, in your face, close up shots of body parts while men and women are having sex and performing sex acts.

Candice Conner let her 11-year-son play the DVD for his 3-year-old brother Saturday morning. She was in another room when she heard her him scream.

"My son's innocence was taken away," she said.

Connor bought the DVD Friday at the Toys R Us in Valley Stream. It has a bar code on the back, and her receipt shows that Nick All Stars Sports Day rang in it at $12.99. But the DVD itself, is not labeled like this Diego DVD Conner bought last Christmas.

"I would never in a million years thought that Toys R Us, would have registered trademark, bootleg in their store," Connor adds.

Toys R Us would only say the matter is being investigated and referred us to Nickelodeon, who said: "It appears to be a bootleg DVD, and we have contacted the retailer to try to find out how this happened."