Special 1st birthday for boy after liver transplant

February 12, 2011 7:19:58 PM PST
A special first birthday for a baby in Queens who has a fresh chance for a long and healthy healthy life, thanks to a liver transplant.

When Jared Allen was just 6 weeks old, his eyes started turning yellow.

He was diagnosed with a severe liver disease, and spent much of his first year in the hospital.

Jared was put on a list for a liver transplant.

On New Year's night, his mother got the call that an organ was available and Jared was operated on the next day.

"He's been through a lot. It's very emotional for me sometimes to even think about it because to know that he was even so sick, his liver was really bad, and to have this transplant done it's amazing. It's like a true blessing for us," Jared's mother Kereen Allen said.

It's been six weeks since Jared's transplant, and he's doing great.

His family hopes he'll grow to be as strong as healthy as his older brother who's already 6-feet-4 inches tall at just 13!