Nanny charged with giving infant Benadryl

A nanny on Long Island is facing charges after a 'nanny cam' showed her giving medication to an infant.

February 14, 2011 2:11:31 PM PST
A nanny on Long Island is facing charges after a 'nanny cam' showed her giving medication to an infant.

The packaging on the Rite-Aid Children's allergy medication couldn't be clearer: "Do not use on a child under four years old, or to make a child sleepy."

But, police say a trusted nanny used it for precisely that reason on a four-month-old baby.

"She had no reason to give this child any medication, she's not a doctor, she's not a healthcare professional," said Detective Lt. Kevin Smith, of the Nassau County Police Department.

48-year-old Anneliese Brucato is charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child for allegedly drugging the baby girl in her family's Laurel Hollow home.

Brucato was done in by a network of high tech nanny cams, credited nationwide with catching child abusers in the act.

In this case, the baby's mother was able to watch online, from her computer at work.

She tells Eyewitness News when she confronted Brucato, she actually admitted to drugging the baby to calm her down.

"However, in looking at the tape our officers did not detect that the child seemed to be agitated in any way prior to getting this medication. It doesn't appear the child was crying, or acting out, or its arms were flailing or feet were kicking in any way," Detective Lt. Smith said.

Brucato has no criminal record, and in court Monday, her lawyer Cary Kessler pleaded with a judge to let her go with no bail, claiming this is way out of character.

But, the judge refused and set her bail at $15,000 cash or $30,000 bond.

"I'm not making any comments. Let the system run its course. We're very fortunate that the baby is in good shape," Kessler said.

The child was not seriously injured.

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