Quinn proposes changing Alternate Side Parking rules

February 15, 2011 3:22:40 PM PST
Parking in New York City would be a lot easier if City Council Speaker Christine Quinn gets her way.

She is proposing just one day a week alternate side parking rules for streets that receive the highest rating for cleanliness.

That means moving your car just once a week.

Alternate side parking's designed to keep the streets clean, but it's a pain.

Having to move your car and then waiting for a street cleaner that sometimes never comes.

Council speaker Quinn has an idea to cut down on the number of alternate side parking days and maybe it's connected to the likelihood she'll be running for mayor in three years and she wants drivers to like her.


But her plan is, if the streets are clean and a neighborhood agrees to it, one alternate side parking day can be cut each week.

Drivers love the idea.

"I think it's great. I have to come out here an hour and a-half every two days to move my car," said Donnie Francis.

Quinn's other idea gives a break to drivers who feed the meter and buy those muni-meter receipts. But they get a ticket anyway.

"If we go over, I went over by 6 minutes, it could be a little easier, give us at least 15 more minutes," said Louis Reyes.

15 minutes may be a bit much, but the speaker says if you're coming back from a muni-meter with receipt in hand and all of a sudden a traffic agent shows up to write a ticket, Quinn believes you should get a break.

"So if you show your receipt to the agent, they have to tear up your ticket on the spot," said Quinn.

Traffic enforcement agents say once they start writing a ticket it's almost impossible to tear it up. But one deputy mayor tells Eyewitness News the administration will consider what the speaker is proposing. But don't hold your breath.