Iraq war vet being evicted from apartment

February 16, 2011 3:25:16 PM PST
A paralyzed Iraq war veteran and his wife are in danger of being evicted from their public housing in New Jersey.

The federal government says that a friend who stays over several times a month to help out violates the law.

"He has traumatic brain injury and is paralyzed," said Page Vassallo, Sean's wife.

Page Vassallo is talking about her 41-year-old husband Sean.

He was a marine who fought in the first Gulf war, and was strong and vibrant, until a devastating car accident in 2008.

Now Page and Sean live in a world of medication and VA care.

They also live in public housing, which is a world where Federal law trumps all.

Paul Wibinski is a spokesperson for the North Bergen Housing Authority.

He says their investigation shows that Page has one particular man living in the apartment and has been for months.

That is a clear violation of Federal law.

If you stay overnight more than 14 times a month you need to be on the lease.

"I do have someone staying here every once and a while, but that's to help out with my husband during the night time," Vassallo said.

She says that he does stay there at night, but he does not live there.

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