Palin says she is still thinking about run for Prez

February 17, 2011 3:18:28 PM PST
Talking to a bunch of business people on Long Island, Sarah Palin said she's still thinking of a presidential run.Palin said she still has not made up her mind, but she added that, "no one is more qualified at multitasking than a woman".

"People want our government establishment to be shaken up. No more pre-ordained candidates. I think it will be an unconvential political cycle."

The former Vice Presidential candidate said she hired a chief of staff for her political action committee to better organize her life.

Palin spoke to roughly 1,000 business and civic leaders in Woodbury.

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Palin forecast an unpredictable presidential election season that will be heavy on social media.

During the event, Palins use of Twitter was repeatedly brought up. She responded by pointing out how she thinks the Egyptian revolution and the role of social media is another example of private enterprise doing a better job than the federal government at its goals. In this case she was referring to spreading democracy across the Middle East.

But Palin's sharpest comments were reserved for President Obama and even his wife Michele.

When pointing out the rising cost of commodities during President Obama"s two-years in office she stated, "No wonder Michelle Obama is saying you better breast feed your baby. I say yeah you better because the cost of milk has gotten so high."

Palin said the governments fiscal policy is dangerous. "This administration supports America being on the road to ruin." But its not too late, she charged when asked about the defecit.

The Long Island Association has previously welcomed former presidents and other national leaders to speak at its meetings, but the meetings are usually closed to the media at the request of the speaker.