Girl hospitalized after drinking binge at school

February 17, 2011 2:12:41 PM PST
Six students went on a drinking binge at school, long before the lunch recess.

One of the students videotaped another student who was so intoxicated she had to be rushed to the hospital.

"It was horrific, she was passed out," said Donna Valentine, the principal at Stamford High School.

That's the principal's reaction upon finding a 15-year old student unconscious from alcohol poisoning.

The drinking binge apparently happened during school hours on school grounds.

The incident took place Wednesday morning.

The female freshman student was with a group drinking and smoking marijuana at Boyle Stadium, directly behind Stamford High School.

"If we had had not been out there, it would have been fatal," Valentine said.

Administrators pieced things together when two 15-year olds, one a transfer student there on his first day, appeared intoxicated in the hallway.

As per school policy their backpacks and cell phones were searched and a video of the drinking party was found.

One teen admitted he shot it just a few moments earlier but no one called 911.

"When you have total disregard for who you consider a friend, and you just leave them there when they need medical assistance, those people just don't care, that's a problem," said Sgt. Jim Kennedy, Stamford Police.

Police recovered two empty bottles of vodka, and cans of Four Loko and Joose, malt drinks with nearly three times the alcohol in beer.

The beverages are on store shelves again because manufacturers have removed caffeine.

The two 15-year-old boys were arrested, while the girl was taken first to Stamford Hospital and then to Yale New Haven Hospital.

"I guess she just wasn't thinking, she's a really smart person, really nice, we all love her and hope that she feels better and everything," said Nicole Ramos, a student.

"I'm concerned because I bring my son here a lot of times to this school and then I see kids hanging out, smoking, and the school system should definitely do something about it," said Veronica Rodriguez, a parent.

Two more people are expected to be placed under arrest on Friday.

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