Residents say neighbor's dogs terrorizing them

February 18, 2011 10:09:53 PM PST
Mary Frances Moss is still recovering after being attacked by four dogs on Riverdale Avenue Wednesday morning.

She says a flimsy fence wouldn't hold them in the front yard.

"And they piled out, and proceeded to attack me -- all 4 of them," she explained.

One dog took a bite right out of Mary's leg.

"I had no idea what to do. I knew that if I ran, they'd probably chase me," she said.

Neighbors in this community are horrified, and that's no exaggeration they say.

Another man's finger was nearly bitten off last summer and they say on Wednesday when Mary was bitten, police officers even had their guns drawn.

"They are completely out of control and they get loose on a regular basis," Kathleen O'brien said, adding that she is afraid for her life.

In fact, they've taken pictures of the dogs roaming the streets and the owner, Philomena McNamara, is no stranger to Channel 7. We did a story on how she left her dogs in her boiling hot SUV two years ago. Residents on the Upper West Side rescued the dogs, but not before McNamara blew a fit.

Residents also say more than a dozen of them have been complaining to the health department and police.

"We went en masse to the 50th precinct asking and pleading for help and assistance," O'Brien said.

They say so far they've gotten no help, and we got no response from McNamara either.

Police have been to the home numerous times. Right now, investigators will only say they're working on the case.

Residents like Mary and Kathleen are left wondering who could be next?

"We're fed up and we don't know where to turn," O'Brien said.

The health department late Friday said it is ordering McNamara to get immediate behavioral training for her dogs, updated rabies vaccinations and that she install a higher fence. If not, they say she will face further legal action.