Daring robberies on Long Island

February 21, 2011 2:11:13 PM PST
A trio of thieves staged daring heists at two businesses on Long Island over the weekend.

Despite extensive security systems, the robbers got away.

It was Saturday night between 8 and 9. The gunmen burst through the back door of a bodega in Freeport and didn't hesitate for a second.

Security cameras recorded them as the masked and gloved gunmen made a b-line for the counter, one of them tangling with the clerk before jumping across and raiding the cash drawer.

They stole $1500 from the bodega.

"I work very hard and somebody take easy money," Mike Herrera said.

Easy money for the three gunmen, who left the store as quickly as they arrived. They clearly had plenty of practice.

"Now every time someone pulls the door, I want to see who it is" Herrera said.

Less than an hour earlier, cops say the same men raided a deli in Baldwin.

Two of them jumped over the counter and stole cash and cigarettes while the third stuck a gun in the faces of owner Vicky Nimer and her husband, who ran out the front door and tried to lock in the bad guys.

On the surveillance video, you can see the suspect grab Nimer's laptop computer, and then all three broke the door and managed to escape.

"They kicked my husband, they kicked the door and then they ran away," Vicky Nimer said.

Police don't know why the suspects chose these two stores.

They clearly didn't care about being caught on tape. Both locations have obvious surveillance systems.

The store in Freeport has 12 cameras, in full view, which captured the criminals who clearly meant business.

"They don't just kinda saunter in. They rush into the store. They hold guns to people's heads. Oof course, it's a frightening experience for anyone who's in that situation," Det. Lt. Kevin Smith said.

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