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February 21, 2011 2:42:07 PM PST
If you saw the movie, "Up." You're about to meet someone who reminds me of the main character. He, too, is a widower, who set out to see all the places in the world he didn't get to visit with his wife. But problems with his legs grounded him and he needed our help just to get his mail. The same legs that marched through boot camp during WWII, betray Army Veteran Nick Carpinelli now.

Just getting to the mailbox is like climbing mt. Everest and he would know.

"I went to the base of Everest," recalls Nick. "That's why I get so angry when these legs are list this."

Diabetes put the great grandfather in a predicament, unable to drive or walk far. So bad, in fact, he can't get his own mail.

Nick says he wrote the post office and New Jersey state Senator Frank Lautenberg. But he says, both requests to move his mailbox were denied. How does he get his mail?

"I have to wait to mail a letter and to get a bil that I has to be paid by a certain date," says the Summit senior.

We wanted to see how far it was from Mr Carpinelli's front door all the way over to his mailbox. So I used this pedometer, and put it on my boot to see exactly how many steps it takes. After the trek, from Nick's door to his mailbox the pedometer read 336 steps.

So We helped Nick write another letter and hand delivered to his local postmaster. This time, his request was accepted, just hours after it was received.

His new management company stepped up too, installing a brand new mailbox right outside his door.

And, the very next day the post office delivered to his new mailbox. "I was flabbergasted when I saw how beautiful it was," says Nick. "I was amazed at how fast it was."

A spokesperson for United States Postal Service says they weren't able to help Mr. Carpinelli because they never got a formal hardship delivery request from him until we presented one.

Story by: Nina Pineda

Produced by: Steve Livingstone CONNECT WITH NINA PINEDA AND 7 ON YOUR SIDE

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