Councilwoman accused of assaulting sister

Clifton councilwoman Mary Sadrakula is accused of beating up her sister.

February 24, 2011 2:45:14 PM PST
Clifton councilwoman Mary Sadrakula is accused of beating up her sister.

After police received a 911 hang up from Sadrakula's home, they called back.

As the councilwoman is heard telling police everything is fine, in the background you can hear someone claiming she had been hit.

It was that part of the call that peaked their interest. A female voice in the background swears and says something about being hit.

In an attempt to find out if someone was hurt, the dispatcher calls back again.

In that call you can again hear the councilwoman saying everything is okay, and that she was having problems with her phone.

However, police can't take the word of someone on the phone even if they do identify themselves as a councilwoman. So officers were sent to her home.

When police arrived at the home they found the councilwoman's sister in the driveway with a broken nose and tailbone.

They asked her what happened and say the sister said the councilwoman got angry with her.

When they asked why, they said she said "Because she was thin."

There was no answer at the councilwoman's home, however her attorney tells Eyewitness News, "The police are upset with the councilwoman because she has opposed big pay increases in the police department in the past".

Sadrakula pleaded not guilty to assault charges this week and was released on $1,500.

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