Rutgers to allow male, female students to shack up

March 1, 2011 2:34:23 PM PST
Rutgers University is set to off a gender-neutral program that will make the campus more inclusive for gay students.

Under the program, gay, lesbian and transgender students will be able to choose either male or female roommates.

Heterosexual students will also be permitted to live in room with students of the opposite sex.

Men and women will share bathrooms.


Rutgers drew scrutiny after freshman Tyler Clementi killed himself days after authorities said his dorm roommate used a webcam to capture Clementi in an intimate encounter with a man.

Rutgers Residence Life director Joan Carbone told The Home News Tribune of East Brunswick that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students explained it was difficult to find an accepting roommate.

A number of other schools, including the University of Maryland, New York's Columbia University and Washington's George Washington University, offer similar housing options, according to the National Student Genderblind Campaign.

A Rutgers University spokesperson released the following statement to Eyewitness News:
"This has been under discussion for a long time. Many other universities around the country already have gender-neutral housing. In the aftermath of the Clementi tragedy, members of the university's LGBTQ community told the administration that gender-neutral housing would help create an even more inclusive environment. Since then, the university has been exploring this in greater detail."

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