Skateboard shop proudly displays "Made in America"

March 2, 2011 2:53:31 PM PST
Products carrying labels that say "Made in the USA" have become increasingly hard to find, but a New York City skateboard shop is proud to display their American made merchandise.Shut Skateboards located on the Lower East Side manufactures all of their boards in America and each are marked with "American wood, American made."

The shop is not required to reveal where the skateboards are created but owners feel that it gives their products a special touch.

"I'd feel guilty if I were to manufacture a product that the person purchasing didn't know where it was manufactured and if it was gonna be top quality," says co-owner and founder Rodney Smith.

Amateur Skateboarders like Shawn Powers feel a connection to the products made at Shut.

"They're American made, they're from New York. It represents home, where I'm from," he says.

The boards are made at a plant in Maine out of hard rock maple from the Great Lakes region. Since distance is not an obstacle, owners are able to keep a close eye on the process which ensures that high standards are met.

Shut Skateboards is expanding its inventory with a clothing line that will develop with the help of local seamstresses. Although it would be cheaper to turn to other countries for production, it is not a part of Shut's business philosophy.

"We're proud of the product we make and we're proud to stand behind it," added co-owner Andam Schatz.

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