Beam goes crashing through man's car in Little Italy

March 3, 2011 2:41:38 PM PST
A near-death experience for a driver when a steal beam came crashing into his truck.

It landed just a foot behind where he sat.

They are shooting the latest Robert De Niro movie on this block, but it almost turned into a real life horror for one of the men working on the project. He says he is lucky to be alive after construction material from a building came flying down onto his car.

Mike Prisco put his pickup truck in a Little Italy garage after what happened to him parked on the street yesterday afternoon.

Prisco was making calls on his cell phone inside his Ford Ranger when suddenly a 16 foot piece of metal pierced through the roof, missing his head by inches.

"It's overwhelming, I feel like I had an angel on my side," he said.

Prisco is an electrician working on the latest Robert De Niro movie. He was sitting in his pickup truck at about 1:30 in the afternoon when he felt a bang. At first he thought somebody had rear ended his truck, but then he realized what happened.

"I hopped out of the truck and I saw a beam sticking out of my truck," he added.

It was a steel stud that had come off a building under construction on Mulberry Street.

"Out of nowhere this sheet of steel, this spear came down and right through the truck?it was just like something out of the omen," said Steven Bocks.

The building appears to have the required scaffolding and netting outside the construction site. But the question is what went wrong.

Eyewitness News spoke to a spokeswoman for the building who has not gotten back to us with any details and we spotted an inspector from the city's building dept at the scene.

But what upsets Prisco the most is police on the scene would not take a report saying no one was injured and that this was a matter between him and the building. Still, he realizes it could have ended a lot worse.