Meet the sisters behind 'The Mother's Bakery'

March 3, 2011 2:55:18 PM PST
Hilde Lillian and Hedy Kaufman work at a very popular bakery in Riverdale called "Mother's".

Although it's called "Mother's" it is actually run by two sisters.

They claim that their bakery is not only the best in Riverdale, but the best bakery in New York City.

"The Mother's Bakery" opened in 1954 but the sisters started working in there 36 years ago.

Hilde is 89 years old and Hedy is 87 years old. They opened the bakery every morning at 6 a.m., where they serve the early-risers, like cab drivers.

Nowadays, the sisters are working less.

They only work on Fridays now, and once in a while, an old familiar face stops in.

When they do, the sisters make them feel comfortable with such lines as "You're looking good".

The sisters get to know their customers on a personal level, which the customers appreciate very much.

Daniel Zeitouni is a fellow baker who notices how much care the sisters put into their job.

"They're part of the store, that's what it comes down to," Zeitouni said.

Zeitouni runs the kosher bakery his parents bought in 1985, and while he notices how some things have changed, the one thing he says stays constant are the sisters.

The sisters' popularity comes from the fact that they know how to take care of the customer.

"You may forget the prices, but never how to take care of a customer," the sisters said.

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