Gas station clerk's kidnapping caught on camera

March 4, 2011 3:28:15 AM PST
A gas station attendant from Connecticut was working overnight when he was lured outside, suddenly shoved into a car and taken for a ride he will never forget.

And the whole incident was caught on camera.

Naizar Mohamed had plenty of reason to be scared.

The 26-year-old gas station attendant was robbed and kidnapped at gunpoint early Tuesday morning.

A mundane overnight shift at the CITGO on East Avenue in Norwalk ended with Mohamed running for his life.

It started with two women making small talk in the store.

Mohammed says one of the girls was a regular, and police have identified her as Amber Greco.

A short time later, Mohamed left the store to use the restroom outside. Instead, he was lured over to a car by the women. That's when he was forced to get in.

The car, with two male suspects inside, drove off.

A few minutes later, Mohamed was driven back to the gas station and ordered to turn off the surveillance cameras.

But as the men walked up to the store, Mohamed says he purposely slowed down behind them, and then made a daring decision.

Mohamed turned and ran to his house, located several blocks away.

Police have made four arrests and charged the suspects with first-degree robbery and kidnapping.

Incredibly, Mohamed cheated death once before when he was threatened at gunpoint in his native Sri Lanka.

He says he's done pushing his luck, and the gas station will now close overnights.

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