More human remains found on Long Island beach

March 31, 2011 4:12:29 AM PDT
Another cold night of searching on a Long Island beach has turned up more human remains, which were found about half a mile east of where the bodies of four women were found in December.

The discovery was made along Ocean Parkway, between Oak Beach and Gilgo Beach.

Authorities must now determine if this latest victim was the work of a serial killer.

Police found the body of the fifth person while searching for the remains of Shannan Gilbert, the Jersey City prostitute who disappeared last May after running screaming from the home of a client in Oak Beach.

Gilbert banged on the door of a neighbor, Gus Coletti, who offered help. But he says Gilbert was out of control, running off again and tumbling down his stairs.

"She said, 'Help me,'" he said in December. "Again, she just looked like she was spaced out. I haven't slept for two nights. I could've saved that girl if I'd have known something was going to happen."

Ms. Gilbert was last seen in May of last year, pleading for help before running hysterically into the brush.

Investigators say she had just left the home of Joseph Brewer, who had contacted her through Craigslist.

Brewer has not been named a suspect and is said to be cooperating in the investigation.

The latest search was a matter of routine. Police say they had no new leads in the case, but they had been waiting for the ground to thaw and wanted to search again before the dune filled in with spring growth.

The remains of the four other women that were found nearby in December have been identified. Police say they were all prostitutes, lured to the island for meetings with clients.

Investigators say it will take extensive testing to identify the new remains and that they're not even sure of the gender.

Detectives believe the crimes happened in the middle of the night. That the killer chose the same, desolate location, pulling-onto the shoulder of the westbound lanes, dragging the body out of his vehicle and dumping it no more than 25 feet off the roadside.