Yonkers firefighter speaks out after daring rescue

March 7, 2011 3:25:40 PM PST
Yonkers firefighters pulled off the daring rescue of two painters dangling 12 stories high on Friday.

Investigators are still trying to figure out why the scaffolding suddenly collapsed.

The rescue left viewers awe struck.

So who is the firefighter who rappelled down the side of the building? His name is Mike Giroux.

Yonkers firefighter Mike Giroux is not one to bask in the glory of a hero rescue, he was back at work with his buddies Monday.

Demonstrating the techniques they used Friday to save two workers who dangled from a Yonkers building after scaffolding broke.

Giroux repelled down from the roof.

He revealed that he made a safety call to pass up the top victim because the man below appeared to be in more danger from something called compression harness syndrome.

Giroux then had to untangle the other worker's safety line to get him free.

Giroux and the rest of the firefighters are so proud they offered to show off their skills again.

This time it was only a second floor mock rescue but no one missed a beat.

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