Police link burglary spree on Long Island

March 9, 2011 2:49:14 PM PST
Police on Long Island may be hot on the trail of the suspects behind a burglary spree.

In the past year there have been nearly two dozen burglaries in Glen Head, Glenwood Landing, and Sea Cliff.

The suspects strike in broad daylight.

They broke in through the kitchen window and left through a sliding door.

And while they may have been in Robin Appel's house for all of five minutes, her sense of violation will last a lifetime.

"You know your stomach just sinks. Like I can't believe someone just dumped all my things onto the floor," said Appel.

Last month, she returned home in the middle of the day to find her bedroom and closets ransacked and family heirlooms, gone.

Police believe the suspects are a couple of young adults, searching for quick cash to fund their drug addictions.

Cops have stepped up patrols, and they say they are getting close.

"Interestingly enough we work on some of the leads and the burglaries have stopped. So maybe the person realizes that the heat is kind of on, so to speak, and they're staying away,' said Det. Lt. Kevin Smith.

For longtime resident Amy Solomito, it's the uncertainty she fears the most. Her neighbors fell victim to the burglary spree and she thinks someone tried to break into her house too.

"We all have to have an alarm in our home, and that's an added expense at a time when the economy is bad to begin with," she said.

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