Parts of Westchester Co. flooded after heavy rain

March 11, 2011 2:58:49 PM PST
After a day of heavy rains in Westchester County, the good news is the water is finally receding.

The bad news is it brought everything in Elmsford to a standstill.

Floodwaters across Route 119 cut off what are normally four busy lanes of traffic. It also washed out Route 9A, which is an even busier commercial roadway.

The flood damage did not just limit itself to the roadways.

Heavy rains overnight quickly overwhelmed low-lying streets also, which left cars under water. Surrounding businesses were also greatly affected by the damaging floods.

Business owner Jay Puff, who owns a construction site, cannot believe the damage that occurred.

"It's devastating. It comes in quick like a flash flood. You have no warning," Puff said.

Puff's construction trucks are underwater, because of the floods, which leaves ten of his employees unable to work for the day.

Puff is very frustrated, and feels the ongoing flooding needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

"They rectified the problem in Yonkers. They've dealt with upstream problems in Pleasantville, so why isn't Elmsford being addressed?" Puff said.

Elmsford's Mayor Robert Williams is just as frustrated over the floods as the residents.

"It has just closed everything down. Business, schools," Williams said.

The Greenburg police took to a boat to help assess the watery damage, and get a better look.

Firefighters cordoned off an area around an Elmsford station because of concerns that gasoline, or natural gas might be leaking.

Casa Building Materials is not just dealing with losing business; it is also dealing with losing inventory.

Salesman Greg Smith is one concerned worker.

"We have some cement we moved to higher ground yesterday, thinking it would be like the day before. That's inside the warehouse, so I'm thinking some of that might be wet," Smith said.

Perhaps, Mayor Williams sums it up best.

"It's just a nightmare," he said.