Buying and selling baby items for less

March 14, 2011 6:01:22 PM PDT
Mom Betsy Cummings is saving moneyon her kids by using Bright Zoo, a web-based marketplace where parents sell clothes, toys, and baby gear to other parents.

Bright Zoo is the first online website where moms can sell and auction high-end baby items that they don't need anymore.

"There are lots of things that are close to new, and not close to new, but they that translate into savings," said Cummings.

Jessica Nelson and Kelly Couto are the moms who created Bright Zoo. In addition to the parent to parent market place, they also feature new and unknown designers who often hold sample sales, with reduced prices.

And unlike larger web-based retailers, the products on Bright Zoo are just for little ones, plus some maternity items.

That's something that appeals to Betsy, who not only bought her child, Witt's outfit on Bright Zoo, she's also planning to sell some of Witt's clothes.

"This is brand new, never been worn," said Betsy.

"What I sell these things for I could probably buy other things,which would be great," said Betsy.