Smudging away the negative energy

March 15, 2011 2:35:01 PM PDT
Jen Mirman is going to cleanse Ronnie Raymond's home with sage.

That's right, sage. An herb, and she actually is using a bundle of it that she's burns to cleanse energy.

It's a custom with Native American roots.

Ronnie lists off the negative energy she wants removed.

That list is burned and smudged out, and then Jen makes her way through Ronnie's home with her smudge stick.

"The doorways are most important to smudge because that;s where the energy enters and exits," she explained. "I just stay smudging a doorway until I feel a shift and it's time to move on.

For Ronnie, the idea of having her home smudged sounded intriguing.

"I didn't feel negative energy, but you can always improve your life and feel a different aura around me," she said.

How did it leave her feeling?

"It feels like taking a shower on hot day," she said.

That's how Jen felt when she first had it done, and it's why she now smudges homes, offices, even baby rooms.

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