NTSB interviews bus driver about fatal Bronx crash

March 15, 2011 3:23:30 PM PDT
Ophadell Williams left his Brownsville, Brooklyn home on Tuesday wearing sunglasses a baseball hat, and saying nothing to the throng of reporters.


The question: What would he say to Federal NTSB investigators scheduled to interview him about how he lost control of the Worldwide Tour bus he was driving early Saturday morning on I-95, killing 15 people?

Williams and his family emerged from a building in downtown Brooklyn late Tuesday morning refusing again to answer questions, the building houses several lawyer's offices.

There are so many questions, among them, how Williams, a two-time convicted felon, got a Commercial driver's license?

We do know that he also used the name Eric Williams.

Under that name, his license was suspended after he failed to respond to charges of speeding and driving without a license in 1995.

He was busted again in 2003 for driving without a license.

Monday, Eyewitness News tried to ask a spokesman for Worldwide tours about their policies.