NYPD crackdown of buses in Chinatown

March 16, 2011 5:33:20 AM PDT
A growing crackdown in Chinatown after the NYPD towed away several tour buses yesterday, after two deadly crashes in just three days.


The NYPD took six tour buses off the road in an aggressive crackdown.

The violations, reportedly include bad brakes, steering, and missing driver paperwork.

Among the buses accused of being unsafe is one belonging to World Wide Tours, the company that operated the bus in Saturday's deadly crash in the Bronx.

Another bus that was taken off the road was a Super Luxury Tours bus, the same company from Monday's deadly crash in New Jersey.

The blitz comes as federal agents continue to investigate the Bronx bus crash focusing on the driver.

The National Transportation Safety Board grilled Ophadell Williams in Brooklyn yesterday.

He is an ex-con, with a criminal record that includes multiple driving offenses.