Making the grade: Guide your child to a better report card

August 7, 2012 11:44:34 AM PDT
No matter how old your child is, every young mind can benefit from looking at academic work through a new approach. A fresh take on study habits will help everyone from the elementary schooler preparing for a statewide test to the high school student prepping for the SAT. ABC7's Learning Section Presented by Sylvan can offer that help through practical advice and tips that are easy to apply to every topic.

Dr. Richard E. Bavaria, Ph. D., has a wealth of experience when it comes to fostering students' success, having served as both an English teacher and assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction for Baltimore County (Md.) Public Schools. He now serves as the senior vice president for outreach for Sylvan Learning, which has 32 branches alone in the tri-state area. Click here to find one near you!

Below you will find links to a wide variety of resources courtesy of "Dr. Rick" and other experts that will be sure to help boost your child's grades--and confidence in their overall academic abilities.

Teaching kids to be responsible in the classroom: 10 tips to make children accountable for their academics
We know that responsible kids are successful kids. And we know that to start teaching responsibility early is to increase our chances of success. Here's how.

How to help with homework: School success begins with the homework environment
One of the biggest lessons for parents of school-age children is learning how to handle homework, and how best to help their children meet academic challenges. Here's how to effectively create a homework environment that is conducive to their child efficiently tackling school tasks.

Tips for test success: What to do and not to do when helping your child prepare for tests
Testing has become an integral part of an American education. More and more states are requiring testing proficiency for promotion and graduation, and parents need to help prepare their children for exams. These tips will help you do that.

How to handle a poor report card: Tips for helping your chidren when they are struggling academically
As parents, you want your child to do well in school, so what do you do when your child's report card isn't as good as it could be?

Increased college entrance competition = increased test stress: Tips on how high school students can ease their fears of the SAT/ACT
The pressure is on when it comes to applying for colleges. The number of early admission applications has increased dramatically, with some universities seeing double digit jumps. Here's how to cope with the stress that comes with taking college entrance exams.

Remaining cool under pressure: Reduce anxiety and increase confidence for batter SAT and ACT scores
More than three million college admissions tests are administered each year, making the SAT and the ACT two of the most important exams that a high school student will ever take. In order to perform at their best, students should become familiar with the style and types of questions on the tests, in order to avoid "trap-door answers."

Win the 'homework war': Tips for getting children to do their homework
One of the most commonly waged battles between parents and children is over homework. Even with the best of intentions, tackling this ongoing dilemma in positive and constructive ways can be a constant challenge.