Tips for test success

What to do and not to do when helping your child prepare for tests
March 16, 2011 11:58:42 AM PDT
Testing has become an integral part of an American education. More and more states are requiring testing proficiency for promotion and graduation, and parents need to help prepare their children for exams.Dr. Richard E. Bavaria, Ph.D. and senior vice president for education outreach for Sylvan Learning, offers parents the following tidbits of advice to help children prepare for exams:


  • Make sure your child completes homework assignments and class projects. Because tests reflect overall achievement, the more effort your child puts into learning, the more likely he will do well on tests.
  • Use your child's test results to chart her academic progress. Educational assessments are among the best diagnostic tools educators and parents have at their disposal. By using test results wisely, both you and your child's teacher can build a personalized learning program with home activities that will help your child succeed.
  • Support your child. Praise her for what she does well. When your child feels good about herself, she will do her best.
  • Provide books and magazines for your child to read at home. Reading new materials can encourage your child to learn new words that might appear on a test. For a suggested age-appropriate reading list, visit

  • Allow your child to skimp on sleep or skip breakfast. Make sure that your child is well rested and eats a well-balanced breakfast on school days - especially the day of a test. A well-rested, healthy body leads to a healthy, active mind.
  • Judge your child on the basis of one test score. Test scores are not perfect measures of what your child can achieve, and a variety of factors can influence a test score.