The other reason for being green

March 17, 2011 3:01:04 PM PDT
When people hear the word green today, the first thing that will come to their minds is probably St. Patrick's Day.

However, there is still the other meaning of green, which is the environmentally friendly definition.

Sarah Coyne is one environmentalist who takes many steps to stay green.

If you walk into Coyne's house, you must remove your shoes first. She only serves her children organic milk and uses natural toothpaste. She also recycles everything down to her contact lens packaging.

Coyne found many of these ideas on the Practically Green website. She feels these are easy steps to take towards leading a greener life, and if she can do it, anyone can do it.

Susan Hunt Stevens created the Practically Green website after she realized how overwhelmed she was when it came to going green.

"I felt like I could start a service," Green said.

The way to use this website is to begin by taking a quick quiz to see where you rank on the "green tree," and then tips on being green will follow.

Some of the tips are as simple as buying organic coffee.

There are four hundred simple steps on the website to show you how to be green.

The "Practically Green" website encompasses a community approach, which means you may wind up becoming greener than you thought was possible.

When people view the tips from the website, it gives them the confidence to change because they feel they can do it. This is why Sarah Coyne can say she is greener than she has ever been.

To learn more, visit the website at